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MAIN CAUSE OF LAZINESS #1 AND How to Immediately Improve Productivity by a Quantifiable Amount!

ProcrastinationOften as trades people we are creative. We have tactile skills to create with our hands. We NEED to think outside the box to create. We are not easily replaced by robots for this reason. Our creativity is our biggest asset in my humble opinion.

But, it's also our biggest burden. When a creative gets boxed in, bored, or overwhelmed motivation dies fast. You go into analysis paralysis, or just simply stop caring. And its hard to overcome.

Solution: Set a time on your phone for each day where you will not be interrupted. Maybe its 530 when you get home. Set a second time that is for 5 minutes later (5:35). Commit immediately to spend JUST 5 minutes a day on whatever you KNOW you blow off. Maybe its just cleaning your old socks out of your car. Maybe its febreezing those nasty Foot-dungeons you call boots. Maybe its making a list for the stuff you will tacking in the coming days. Just do it. Even if you are still lazy and never exceed the 5 minutes, 5 minutes 5 days a week times 52 weeks, that is over 21 hours of extra stuff you accomplished a year. (over 2 full work days, or a solid weekend you can spend just starting some other project you know you won’t finish). Now imagine you set aside 10 minutes? 15? But I do suggest starting small. It immediately kills the overwhelm because even if you don't get further than putting away those welding gloves in the shop, you still in truth, accomplished the 21 hours per year goal.

How does this improve my work situation you ask?

Well, when is the last time you looked at your resume?

When did you last update it?

What state is your toolbox in?

Are you up to date on all your WHMIS?

Have you made a list of further training you would like to take one day or wrote a strategy on how to accomplish it?

Have you called your mother lately so that she can also nag you about all the above (aka ask how she can help you achieve your goals)?

When have you last searched a job bank to see if you are eligible for a career move?

Have you read about changes to changes to regulations?

Have you reviewed any of your professional evaluations and tackled some of the issues within?

Have you exercised? Eaten a Brussels sprout lately?

Have you looked into any of those things you keep saying you “gotta look into it” about?

Stop being lazy. Its crushing everything you are capable of and meant to do.

- Team Havasu

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